Help choosing RC helicopter?
Nameless Stranger
2012-12-25 10:28:11 UTC
I'm looking for a helo that mimicks real helicopter controls. (Pitch, Thrust, Roll, Yaw)
I'd preffer something below 200 bucks and that I can add a mini cam to it.
Three answers:
2012-12-26 20:58:23 UTC
If you want something than mimics are real helicopter you need something like an Align Trex 450 - a 6ch RC helicopter. The original trex is pretty expensive, but you could get a clone for around $200 (Titan. HK450, Copter X). They are usually sold as a kit and you have to assemble it yourself, but you can also get a ready to fly model. I must warn you thou this hobby is a money pit, they are very hard to fly for a beginner. It takes years to master. You WILL crash and you WILL be spending a lot of money fixing it. So maybe get an RC simulator first and practice for 100 hours or so before even attempting to fly. Its a serious hobby and requires lots of dedication, reading and research. Another option is you could simply get something like a fixed pitched helicopter or a coaxial helicopter or even a quad copter, they are much easier to fly. Quad copters are especially popular for Arial Photography. Good Site:

Good luck.
2016-05-03 01:16:15 UTC
2016-12-06 15:54:17 UTC
My spouse offered me an RC helecopter called the Sabre. that's in the top portion of your budget. She have been given it at a interest shop. i've got got here across that they are fairly straight forward to interrupt, regardless of basically a extremely stressful touchdown. procuring spare aspects for them is expensive. Making the maintenance is time eating and takes some actual endurance. Very complicated once you basically choose to fly it. in the journey that your boyfriend does not get exhilaration from construction fashions, i do no longer understand that i could propose this one. i replaced into very careful with mine and that's nonetheless sitting on my artwork bench in direction of being repaired. My guess is that different fashions are comparable. FYI - There are pc helicopter simulators that are very relaxing.

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