Does anyone have a Falcon 40 R/C helicopter or has flown one before?
2007-05-05 13:50:31 UTC
I plan on buying a Falcon 40 Helicopter and I wanted to know how good it flies. Can you fly forward and back? If you practice, could you get real good at flying it? Does it fly where it wants to for the most part? What are the functions it has, and how much weight it could hold(such as a mini cam with a 9-volt battery)?
Three answers:
2007-05-12 14:02:09 UTC
Flies great but difficult to learn. E-Flite has a two rotor electric helicopter that is easier to learn on. I suggest you either go to a hobby shop and play with a simulator or download a Flying Model Simulator from FMS.COM where there are several model airplanes and 2 or 3 model helicopter simulators to learn a little on. The cobra is the easiest to fly. RC helicopters can carry a surprising payload and The Falcon 40 can too. Heli's can do anything an airplane can do plus a lot more - forward, backward, sideways upside down. Practice makes perfect but it's expensive when you crash.
2016-12-05 14:52:19 UTC
Flying a heli is'll crash for the time of your researching degree.a sturdy flight sim will bypass a lengthy suggestions to helping you locate how you could fly.If i remember proper the falcon 40 comes with a sim that would really help you locate how you could fly it.the better channels are used for 3-D flying and are idle up and throttle carry.The 40 is constrained as to what it is going to accomplish that a suggestions as flying because it truly is a series pitch rotor is going besides the indisputable fact that the price is ideal for a starter heli.yet another awesome little heli is the falcon 3-D and the awl cpl.they are able to inverted flight and loops.look on ebay for the suitable deals.
2007-05-10 11:08:06 UTC
There are some interesting video's on this list.(link #1) You can look through them and see if it does what you want.

Or try this search, there are several descriptions of what it can do.(link #2)

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